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The Full Story


How many times have we heard "it's the people"?  Well, it is the people and that's why we're doing this.  Set the Way-Back Machine to December of 2004 and you'll find a thread on where Brant McClung and Eric Shea began planning the very first Red Rocks Classic. The rest, as they say, is history.   The fall of 2005, around 9/14-ish to be almost exact, was the date.  Our friends from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, California, Utah and beyond all heeded the call and hit the highway to Moab Utah.

The roads and the scenery were spectacular but remember, it's the people! The friendships forged and the moments to remember over the last 17 years are priceless.  If you've been, you know.  If you're thinking about it... we'd like to welcome you to the family. 





You'll arrive to the perfect location of our host hotel (see the Host Hotel tab above for details).  Just 4 minutes from the action, seconds off of I-15 and in the middle of great food, from standard burger joints to Indian, Vietnamese and good'ole USofA BBQ.

Then it's on to event registration and the opening night party.  What's the big idea?  Well... what's a 914?  It's the love child of VW and Porsche!  We'll be inviting all of our air cooled VW brethren and our Porsche air coolers to one hell of a bash.  Who doesn't love cool vintage V-Dubs and cool vintage Porsches?

We'll feed you and rock your socks off with one of the best live party bands in all of Utah - Enjoy!


We came here to drive right?  I mean, life's not all about the party... oh wait, driving a 914 is pretty much a party!  It doesn't suck to be us.

Your day will start off with donuts, bagels, morning beverages and small talk in the PMB Performance parking lot (some of you may still be there from the night before). Then it's up, up and away at 9:14AM over the beautiful Wasatch range of the Rocky Mountains.  We'll stop at Brighton Ski Resort to gather up the 914's before heading over the pass and down the backside to our lunch destination.

After lunch we're off to Park City's Historic Main Street where we'll have a once in a lifetime 50 car Parade down Main Street before we set you free to wander and spend money on food and t-shirts.



Well... mother nature's in charge and she has different plans for our "Ultimate 914 Group Shot".  We know a lot of you wanted to see the Salt Flats.  That said, due to extremely unusual rain in Wendover, the Flat's are currently under 6" of water.  Our friends at "World of Speed" have cancelled their event as well and, it's two weeks after our little soiree was schedule for.

Fear not, our massive event planning committee (Eric, Diane and Ian) have come up with an alternate for the day "and" it doesn't require you waking up at        "Oh-Dark:30" in the morning!


We'll meet and greet at the Fairfield Inn in the morning and get the group ready for the drive.  Then it's off to Kindig-It Design where Dave has agreed to feed us coffee, donuts and juice and give us a tour of the most "Bitch'n" restoration facility in the world!  After that Dave's going to follow us to the Largest VW Show in Utah!  He'll be showing his Hebmüller/Bus combo and they'll be saving a space for the 914's and holding off judging until we arrive. 

Cool?  Yes... still very cool!!

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